Stay & Play Hotels

Cal Coast Sports Ventures Tournaments

Are Stay & Play Events

Exemptions Listed Below

Please read this Stay & Play policy before going to our hotel listing. To play in the Arizona Showdown, Santa Barbara Fall Brawl, Shootout or Showdown Series event teams must use rooms in the event room block at one of our hotels. This is due to the work we do to secure room blocks for athletes, coaches, families and fans. If we don't reserve room blocks then it becomes difficult for teams to stay in surrounding areas.


In addition, to be transparent with you, the help we receive from hotels lets us keep our tournament entry fee as low as possible. It's either Stay & Play or raise the entry fee.

Stay & Play Required



        Immediate Family


Stay & Play Encouraged

    Extended Family & Fans


Stay & Play Exemptions

Home Address within 75 mile radius -and- communication that team is driving each day (so we know). 

Registration will be rescinded for clubs and teams that book outside the event room block. Team hotel reservation information will be due before we release the game schedule. ​​

You may also access hotel information from the tournament pages or our website menu.

Contact:  Paul Ramsey by E-Mail Or (805) 636-6772.