Registration Instructions


Your Tourney Team Account

  1. If your team has played in one of our tournaments you already have a user account with Cal Coast Sports Ventures, LLC on Tourney Machine. 

  2. Please use your existing account.

  3. If you have other event company TourneyMachine accounts please note T.M. is not a single-sign in system.  Your username is a unique identifier.  E-mail address may stay the same across all events but username need be unique for Cal Coast Sports Ventures. 

Your Adrenaline Account (Fall Event)

  1. The Santa Barbara Fall Showdown is Powered By Adrenaline. Click on the Fall Registration button to go directly there. 

Steps To Register


  1. Click on one of the registration buttons below. This takes you to Tourney Machine/Team. This window will stay open so you can refer back to it.

  2. Scan the divisions available and read the description for each division by clicking on the division.

  3. Then click on the green register button, top right. 

  4. Log in or create your account.

  5. The username you create need be unique compared to other event Tourney Machine/Team accounts. Add sb to the end of it to help you differentiate. Something like yourclubnamesb (example only) could be a username easy to remember.

  6. Create your team or all your teams.

    1. Click on the blue +Add Team button.

    2. To add more teams click on the Teams button in the top right menu bar. 

    3. Repeat as necessary. 

  7. Once your teams are all created then click on the green Register for Tournaments button.

    1. Select the divisions you want for each team.

  8. Check out and pay for your teams.



  1. A $500 non-refundable deposit is due at the time of registration for each team.

  2. Payment is not taken for wait-list placement but if you're accepted you will have a chance to make payment after being accepted. 

Rosters & Waivers

  1. Rosters are due thirty days before the event.

  2. Individual waivers come from roster information and are due completed by family members fifteen days before the event. Coaches are responsible for this process.


Boys Division:  Mike Allan or (310) 403-4077

Girls Division:  Paul Ramsey or (805) 636-6772