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Event Description

The Santa Barbara Fall Brawl and the Santa Barbara Showdown Series are premiere lacrosse events played in a beautiful part of the world. Santa Barbara County sits between Southern California and Central California with the Pacific Ocean and the Santa Ynez mountains in view simultaneously from most vantages.


Fall Location

Santa Barbara Polo & Racquet Club
3300 Via Real
Carpinteria, CA 93013
Website -

Winter Location

Happy Canyon Vineyard Picho Polo Field
5648 Happy Canyon Road
Santa Ynez, CA 93460
Website -

Summer Location

San Marcos High School
103 South Turnpike Road
Santa Barbara, CA 93110
Website -

Parking Is Included For Cars / No Parking For Any Oversized Vehicles

Parking is included in the entry fee in 2023 for all Cal Coast Sports Ventures events. Overflow parking, if needed, will be announced prior to the event and a courtesy shuttle will be provided. Drop off and exit is also available.

  1. There is no parking available for buses, campers, motor homes or cars with RV trailers or any vehicle that takes up more than one parking spot.
  2. Charter buses may drop off and exit to come back later when a team is done playing.

Game Field Map

The field map for each event is available in the main vent information page for each event on this website.

Polo Club Rules

  1. Please leave your pets at home.

  2. There is no parking available for motor homes or cars with RV trailers or any vehicle that takes up more than one parking spot.

  3. There is no parking for charter buses and school buses. Please drop off and exit the venue to come back later.

​Tournament Rules

NFHS and USA Lacrosse rules for the different age groups will be used on the field unless otherwise stated here. Print them from the NFHS and USA Lacrosse websites or bring your rule book with you.

  1. Home team (listed first on the schedule) wears their white jersey.

  2. Games are 20 minute running halves with a 5 minute halftime. A central clock will be used and an air horn will signal the start and stop of halves.

  3. All substitution is on the fly and there will be no horn during dead balls.

  4. Failure to advance rule.

    1. 30 Seconds to get the ball in the box for all divisions except 3rd/4th grade (10U).

    2. No Failure to advance for 3rd/4th grade (10U)

    3. No automatic "keep it in" during the last two minutes at any level.

    4. Stalling is up to the referee's discretion and can call keep it in at any time.

  5. Over & Back

    1. Over & Back applies to all divisions except 3rd/4th grade (10U)

  6. Overtime will not be played in preliminary games. Ties remain a tie through all preliminary games (pool play) & consolation games (3rd place or lower).

  7. A semifinal or first place game tie in regulation will result in a next goal wins (sudden victory) overtime of up to 5 minutes. There is no change of ends during the 5 minute period. For Girls: Should a 5 minute overtime not break the tie a second 5 minute overtime will be played.  For Boys: A 4v4 (3 field, 1 goalie) format will be played starting with a face-off.  No player substitutions are allowed.

  8. No coaching timeouts allowed during this running clock format. This prevents icing the game at the end.

  9. Standings are determined using 3 points for a win, 1 point for a tie and 0 points for a loss.

  10. Play for one team rule. The general idea is each player should play for one team and one team only. This includes within clubs for equity. Please do not pull from another team if one team advances and another does not.

    1. If a team will be borrowing players the coach must declare it ahead of time and the team using a borrowed player will automatically play in the consolation bracket. Please advise us at if you will be borrowing players so we will know to route your team to the consolation bracket before Sunday play begins.

  11. Both coaches and both referees please agree to final score and sign the score card each game.

  12. Tie in standings tie-breakers.

    1. Group play with 3 points for a win, 1 point for a tie and 0 points for a loss.

    2. Head to head results if a two -way tie.

    3. Fewest goals allowed for a multiple team tie. After multiple team tie is resolved back to #2, head to head results.

    4. Net goal differential.  The cap on goal differential is 10 goals to discourage running up the score against a weaker team.

    5. Coin toss if 1 - 4 do not break the tie.

  13. Boys Division grade specific rules include the following:

    1. Penalties: Personal fouls will result in a 90 second EMO situation for all divisions, including the 3rd/4th grade division. Technical fouls are 45 seconds, running time. The 'No Take-Out Check Rule' will be enforced. Zero helmet to helmet or body to helmet checks permitted.

    2. Expulsion: Officials report on the score card the name and the number of any player expelled for fighting. The player is suspended for the remainder of the tournament.

    3. Mercy Rule: For 3rd/4th grade and 5th/6th grade divisions only, the trailing team has the option of possession instead of a face-off if down by 4 goals.

    4. 3rd/4th Grade Boys Division = 8 v. 8, shorter field, 7 field players and a goalie. Two field players stay back behind the midfield line for 5 v 5 plus a goalie at each end.

      1. No long sticks allowed in this division.

      2. Penalties: Personal fouls will result in a 90 second EMO situation & technical fouls are 45 seconds.

  14. Girls Division specific rules include the following:

    1. All standard U.S. Lacrosse rules, including misconduct (yellow and red cards) apply.  

    2. Continuation rule. In this running clock format when an 8 meter free position shot is awarded as time expires the penalty will be set up and play extended through advantage on the free position.

      1. If this happens at the end of the game and it is the winning team that would get the time expired shot do not award this extra shot. Move on to the next game.

      2. Any rough foul that ends this extended time play will be carded and another free position awarded. Red cards will result in the player sitting out the next tournament game.

    3. Mercy Rule: For 3rd/4th (10U) and 5th/6th (12U) divisions only, the trailing team has the option of possession instead of a draw if down by 4 goals. This is an indirect free position.

    4. 3rd/4th Grade Girls Division = 8 v. 8, shorter field, 7 field players and a goalie. Two field players stay back behind the midfield line for 5 v 5 plus a goalie at each end. Two passes to be attempted for good teamwork before a team may go to goal, no stick checking, modified pocket okay, substitution allowed after a card, no shooting from a free position if no goal keeper & offensive three seconds called if defender is closely guarding in a "checkable" position. 

    5. 5th/6th Grade Division = 12 v. 12, modified stick checking (below the shoulder), regulation sticks & offensive three seconds called if defender is closely guarding in a "checkable" position. 

    6. 7th/8th Grade Division = All U.S. Lacrosse 14U rules.

    7. Remaining Divisions = Full checking and all other U.S. Lacrosse / N.F.H.S. rules for this age group.

    8. See the U.S. Lacrosse Youth Girls Guidebook for more details about 3rd/4th, 5th/6th & 7th/8th age division rules.

    9. See the U.S. Lacrosse / N.F.H.S. Girls Rulebook for more detail as needed.


Borrowing Player Rules

The main rule is each player plays for one team only.

  1. Rosters are frozen at the start time of the first game for each team.

  2. If a team uses a borrowed player then the team using the borrowed players may not advance to the semifinals in their division.

  3. This is the case for players moving within a club. The borrowing rule applies on a team by team basis.

  4. Please declare ahead of time if you are borrowing players so your team may be disqualified from the semifinals by writing to

  5. The tournament eligibility committee will rule on any issues brought to light and any decision rendered will be final on the spot. 


Event Format

Championship play with either pool play Saturday and then brackets on Sunday or all round robin both days, depending on number of teams in the division.  All teams are required to play both days and complete their entire schedule.


The Santa Barbara Showdown is a Stay & Play event teams coming from outside a 75 mile radius. Please read our Stay & Play hotel information.

​Non-Refundable Entry Fee

​Due to the pre-planning and commitment to expenses related to such a major undertaking as this all payments are non-refundable. No refunds can be given for weather cancellation if the Polo Club closes the fields. Cal Coast can not refund individuals who are unable to attend when their team won't refund them. Cal Coast can not refund teams that come up short on players or change their plans to participate. We apologize in advance for this situation.

Please use Travel Insurance to cover all possible losses due to field closure, flight cancellation or, even, your entire team becoming too sick to travel before you depart for Santa Barbara if you would like to cover yourself.

Late Fee:  $250 is the late fee if a team hasn't paid in full by midnight thirty (30) days out from the event. This is automatically applied.

Player Fee:  $0.  There is no player fee when playing on a registered team but all players are required to register online for insurance purposes and for their parent or legal guardian to electronically sign the participant waiver.

First-Aid, Athletic Trainers & Paramedics

Cal Coast Sports Ventures contracts with Gametime Sports Medicine to provide comprehensive sports medicine care for the athletes participating in the event.  For the comfort and safety of everyone we will have a medical station staffed with Certified Athletic Trainers to provide immediate on-field response for injuries.


The Medical Headquarters will have a Certified Athletic Trainer to assess and treat injured athletes. Additionally, athletes will have access to Athletic Trainers for pregame taping, wrapping and ice for post game treatment. All medical services and supplies are included with your team entry fee, including athletic and kinesio taping for injuries.


Medical Services are coordinated and supervised by Wyatt Blue of Gametime Sports Medicine.  For more information about medical services for this event please refer to Gametime Sports Medicine or email Wyatt Blue.

Gatorade Partner

  • Staying hydrated is an easy way for athletes to take care of their bodies, which is why Gatorade will be on the sidelines throughout the tournament.

  • At Cal Coast Sports Ventures, we make sure our athletes have the right tools on and off the field to work hard. Staying hydrated is essential, which is why we will have Gatorade on the sidelines throughout the tournament. To learn more about the science behind Gatorade, visit 

Marketing & Sponsorship

We have a few additional marketing opportunities available. The Showdown is a $712,000 economic impact event with more than 5,000 youth players and family coming to Santa Barbara County. Interested businesses please contact Paul Ramsey at or by phone to (805) 636-6772.

Need More Information

If you need additional information please Contact Us.

Future Arizona Showdown Dates:

  • November 18 - 19, 2023

  • November 17 - 18, 2024

Future Santa Barbara Fall Brawl Dates:

  • November 4 - 5, 2023

  • November 2 - 3, 2024

Future Santa Barbara Shootout Dates​:

  • February 2 - 4, 2024

  • February 7 - 9, 2025

Future Santa Barbara Showdown Dates​:

  • October 21 - 22, 2023  (Powered By Adrenaline)

  • January 27 - 28, 2024

  • June 22- 23, 2024

Past Event Scores & Standings (Archives)

Arizona Showdown Series:

Santa Barbara Showdown Series:

Santa Barbara Fall Brawl:

Gatorade Partner
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