Summer Showdown Location

San Marcos High School

103 South Turnpike Road

Santa Barbara, CA 93110

Website -

Field 1 - Stadium (turf).

Field 2 - Softball Outfield (lower grass).

Parking Tip - Parking Lot C off Hollister is closed for solar panel construction. Lot A & Lot B on Turnpike are the options for parking this year.  

Summer ​Tournament Rules

Covid-19 Rules

Here are our Covid safety rules. Please accept these tournament policies so all may enjoy the event as safely as possible. Registered teams will be notified if there are any changes to these policies before the tournament. 

  1. Per CDC Guidelines we are now able to relax Covid safety mask rules.

    1. Rather than retyping everything here is a direct link to the CDC information.
    2. Guidance for the Use of Face Coverings
  2. This is an outdoor event so read that section.  

  3. You may still wear a mask if you choose to do so.

  4. Our sponsor Gatorade​ will have hydration stations at each field.  

  5. Anyone who has tested positive for Covid-19 please do not attend. 

  6. Everyone is encouraged to bring hand sanitizer and wash their hands regularly during the event. 


U.S.A. Lacrosse / N.F.H.S. rules for the different age groups will be used on the field at the SB Showdown unless otherwise stated here. 

  1. Graduated seniors may play. The Summer Showdown allows seniors to play on teams in the Elite and Varsity divisions. It's a last chance tournament for seniors.

  2. The home team (listed first on the schedule) wears their white or light jersey.

  3. Games are 20 minute running halves with a 5 minute halftime.

  4. All substitution is done on the fly and there will be no horn during dead balls.

  5. Overtime will not be played in preliminary games. Ties remain a tie through all preliminary games (pool play) & consolation games (3rd place or lower).

  6. A semifinal or first place game tie in regulation will result in a next goal wins (sudden victory) overtime of up to 5 minutes. There is no change of ends during the 5 minute period. For Girls: Should a 5 minute overtime not break the tie a second 5 minute overtime will be played.  For Boys: a 4v4 (3 field, 1 goalie) format will be played starting with a face-off.  No player substitutions are allowed.

  7. No coaching timeouts allowed during this running clock format. This prevents icing the game at the end.

  8. Standings are determined using 3 points for a win, 1 point for a tie and 0 points for a loss.

  9. Both coaches and both referees please agree to final score and sign the score card each game.

  10. Tie in standings tie-breakers.

    1. Group play with 3 points for a win, 1 point for a tie and 0 points for a loss.

    2. Head to head results if a two -way tie.

    3. Fewest goals allowed for a multiple team tie. After multiple team tie is resolved back to #2, head to head results.

    4. Net goal differential, with a 10 goal differential cap.  

    5. Coin toss if 1 - 4 do not break the tie.

  11. Boys Division specific rules include the following:

    1. Penalties: Personal fouls will result in a 90 second EMO situation. Technical fouls are 45 seconds, running time. A 'No Take-Out Check Rule' will be enforced. Zero helmet to helmet or body to helmet checks permitted.

    2. Expulsion: Officials report on the score card the name and the number of any player expelled for fighting. The player is suspended for the remainder of the tournament.

  12. Girls Division specific rules include the following:

    1. All standard U.S. Lacrosse rules, including misconduct (yellow and red cards) apply.  

    2. Continuation rule. In this running clock format when an 8 meter free position shot is awarded as time expires the penalty will be set up and play extended through advantage on the free position.

    3. If this happens at the end of the game and it is the winning team that would get the time expired shot do not award this extra shot. Move on to the next game.

    4. Any rough foul that ends this extended time play will be carded and another free position awarded. Red cards will result in the player sitting out the next tournament game.

    5. Remaining Divisions = Full checking and all other U.S. Lacrosse / N.F.H.S. rules for this age group.

    6. See the U.S. Lacrosse / N.F.H.S. Girls Rulebook for more detail as needed.


Event Format

Championship play with either pool play Saturday and then brackets on Sunday or all round robin both days, depending on number of teams in the division.  All teams are required to play both days and complete their entire schedule.

Players on the winning team of each division receive Showdown Champions shirts. Find us after the game to get your shirts.


The Santa Barbara Showdown is a Stay & Play event for teams coming from outside a 75 mile radius. Please read our Stay & Play hotel information and use our Hotel Page.

First-Aid, Athletic Trainers & Paramedics

For the comfort and safety of everyone we will have a medical station staffed with Certified Athletic Trainers to provide on-field response for injuries.


The Medical Headquarters will have a Certified Athletic Trainer to assess and treat injured athletes. Additionally, athletes will have access to Athletic Trainers for pregame taping, wrapping and ice for post game treatment. All medical services and supplies are included with your team entry fee.

Need More Information

If you need additional information please Contact Us.